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Think of Warrnambool, think of whales in winter. True, but the town is much more than cliff tops above an endless ocean. With a growing population nudging 30,000, Warrnambool is the largest city in Victoria’s south-west. It has all the services expected of a large regional centre, from health and education to retail, transport and finance.

Blessed with coastal charms, Warrnambool is a paradise for outdoor recreation, but it has a strong cultural tradition too, especially in art, music and writing. Youthful energies generated in the schools, TAFE and university give the city vitality and vision.

In Warrnambool, life is as crammed or as casual as you want to make it.


Services and maps ... [ CLICK HERE ]


Local attractions ... [ CLICK HERE ]


History and culture... [ CLICK HERE ]


Sports clubs ... [ CLICK HERE ]


Outdoor recreation ... [ CLICK HERE ]

 Services and maps

Warrnambool City Council. Providing services to a growing population of 30,000. [ CLICK HERE ]

Warrnambool planning schemes. [ CLICK HERE ]

Use the tools to toggle around local maps, from the Warrnambool City Council site. [ CLICK HERE ]

Easy maps to read. [ CLICK HERE ]

In and around Warrnambool from Tourism Victoria. [ CLICK HERE ]

Camera views of Warrnambool and other localities in Victoria's south west. [ CLICK HERE ]

Yahoo! Directory Warrnambool. [ CLICK HERE ]

Local news and business directory. [ CLICK HERE ]

Train services on West Coast Railway. [ CLICK HERE ]

Another access to local business, educational facilities and community organizations. [ CLICK HERE ]

Warrnambool is the tail to the Great Ocean Road. [ CLICK HERE ]

Rural health alliance. [ CLICK HERE ]

  Local attractions

Local attractions and activities. [ CLICK HERE ]

Local landmarks and attractions through the tourist news. [ CLICK HERE ]

 History and culture

Regional library network. [ CLICK HERE ]

Historical groups. [ CLICK HERE ]

Dedicated to war service. [ CLICK HERE ]

. and nearby Port Fairy. [ CLICK HERE ]

A glimpse into the maritime past. [ CLICK HERE ]

In search of the Mahogany ship. [ CLICK HERE ]

Lighthouse at Flagstaff Hill. [ CLICK HERE ]

Artists group. [ CLICK HERE ]

Galleries and markets. [ CLICK HERE ]

Botanic gardens. [ CLICK HERE ]

Community radio. [ CLICK HERE ]

Music retailers and venues. [ CLICK HERE ]

Children's festival. [ CLICK HERE ]

 Sports clubs

For a hit of golf. [ CLICK HERE ]

Tennis. [ CLICK HERE ]

Warrnambool Racing Club. [ CLICK HERE ]

Harness Racing. [ CLICK HERE ]

Warrnambool Greyhound Club. [ CLICK HERE ]

Hash House Harriers. [ CLICK HERE ]

Swimming. [ CLICK HERE ]

Warrnambool Kart Club. [ CLICK HERE ]

The famous Premier Speedway, hot over summer. [ CLICK HERE ]

Men's and women's basketball. [ CLICK HERE ]

Athletics, shooting, fishing, rowing, cricket, football, bowls and more. [ CLICK HERE ]

The South West Games. [ CLICK HERE ]

 Outdoor recreation

Find the best fishing spots. [ CLICK HERE ]

Fishing clubs. [ CLICK HERE ]

Local scouts. [ CLICK HERE ]

Learn to surf. [ CLICK HERE ]

Lifesaving. [ CLICK HERE ]

Go bushwalking. [ CLICK HERE ]

Along the Great West Walk. [ CLICK HERE ]

Cycling. [ CLICK HERE ]

Whale watching guide. [ CLICK HERE ]


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